dizzy lizzy in kuala lumpur

Posted: August 22, 2006 in Rants

what can i say? i told myself not to write about being in kuala lumpur again but then again, i changed my mind. for lack of anything to write about (and feeling like i need to write) i’ll just have to write about the trip to kuala lumpur yesterday.

one word: exhausting.

given the fact that i am still suffering from sciatica due to a slip disc, traveling for me nowadays is very tiring. and i expected that. i just didn’t expect that it would be so tiring as to take a toll on my back. everybody warned me not to attempt to carry my luggage. but those warnings were in vain coz there are really moments in the airport when you just have to fucking carry your stuff. and i couldn’t rely on my charms coz they never work in international airports. it’s not like in domestic wharf where you can always find some able-bodied guy to carry your bags for you after batting your eyelashes at him and saying, “please? i have a bad back.”

today, i’m experiencing endless pain and have been drinking medicines since early morning.
painrelievers make me dizzy and nauseated and kinda grumpy. i’m having the most annoying mood swings.

it was such an effort having to concentrate on listening to the resource person talk about techie stuff (which by the way, is really interesting and fun, don’t get me wrong) because i couldn’t even focus on one thing/object without suffering from dizzy spells.

cigarettes make me more dizzy but then, they also keep me awake so i’ve been smoking like crazy. dammit.

god. i hate feeling sick in a foreign country because it would take twice the effort to explain yourself. i just wanna have one decent day when i could just sleep, laze around, watch tv. i don’t care much about eating.
on another note i watched a japanese movie last night called “shinobi.” and i’m going to blog about that later. but just for a quick comment: i think it is a good movie. the kind john would swoon over coz of really good cinematography. but then again, the narrative structure is kinda problematic.

im a literature teacher so i guess i couldn’t help but comment on how the story is told. *wink*

i’ll blog about this movie soon. sorry john, jabu and others, i’m such a bad writer today. not really thinking straight.

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