play me like a bass guitar

Posted: August 18, 2006 in Musings

recently, a blast from the past, made me think this:

bassists and musicians in general are quite irresistible in my own universe. and it’s really difficult to avoid them, circle the edges of the pond so to speak and just hop on some hidden spot where you can admire them from a distance. what usually happens is that i get sucked in each of their intense musical vortex and get doomed to play their game of tug-o-war. like a friend said the game is more like a sick morbid masochistic tango. in other words, i gravitate to musicians in a weird way and most of the time, it is not just their music that oftentimes makes my blood quicken. it’s also their way of playing this game of hide and seek, of keeping you at bay, and then when you’re starting to leave or let go of your hand, they’ll reel you in slowly, sweetly like moving a scale higher or sliding their fingers among the keyboards.

bassists are the weirdest most emotional mysterious bunch (or at least they try to act as if they don’t care). the saying, “it aint over until the fat lady sings” is very apt for bassists. in the band, bass guitarists are important because they hold the music together, hand in hand with the drums. most people get caught with the wailing of a lead electric guitar, while i drown in the drone of good bass line. bassists are kinda like submarines and subtexts. they work their way to you unobtrusively, circle around you, and before you know it, you’re caught, hook line and sinker. the music has stopped playing for quite a while, but you still hear the drone of a bass line ringing in your ears.

  1. Anonymous says:

    grabe ka makaproject! ikaw na jud ang bulahan sa tanan.

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