musings of a convert

Posted: August 12, 2006 in All and Sundry

a student asked me this: “ma’am is there a correct interpretation?”

this is a tricky question for a teacher like me who doesn’t really believe in absolutes.

so i told her, “valid” but this does not necessarily mean it is synonimous with “correct.”

i don’t know if i answered her question. that’s the thing with teaching literature is that you can’t rely on formulas like in math where there’s a correct answer to the question: what is the square root of 64.

i’m now an official black eyed peas convert. i recently watched the telecast of their concert in manila recently on tv and enjoyed every repertoire.

for somebody who’s really not a lifetime consumer of r&b and hiphop music (the first and last groups i liked were bone thugs and harmony “see you at the crossroads, crossroads” and tlc “don’t go chasing wateralls..”), it was surprising that i sincerely enjoyed watching the black eyed peas perform.

although, watching the concert wasn’t as spiritual as watching say, nirvana’s mtv unplug performance, it was still as enjoyable as watching alanis morissette scream and dance in a frenzy.

fergy (i don’t know if it’s spelled right) was amazing when she did six back-flips onstage while singing, ” i’ll start walking baby, stop the talking baby….” i couldn’t help but stand up and clap my hands in glee. the three guys in the group were all good breakdancers. the mexican guy was sexy in a “fashionably sensitive but to cool to care” way.

but it did help a lot to know that one of the members is filipino. even if it is embarassing to admit, i did feel sense of pride every time he did his thing onstage (such talented person actually) with the music going “filipino, filipino, filipino” in the background.

and you tell me nationhood is imagined! damn right it is. but then again, sometimes it is worth imagining. this sense of community, one-ness, and affinity with other people you consider share the same imagined community as you.

so, that being said, i’m going to buy a black eyed peas cd soon. don’t worry, i’m not gonna let go of my alternative grunge punk roots (if there was). hell, im even listening to billie holiday nowadays and i think she can outsing every punkrocker there is in the planet (hyperbole intended).

someone commented that looking at the titles in my book shelf will make people think i’m schizophrenic. why? it’s because amidst the long line of literary novels, theory books, photography and art books, are occasional titles like: fluid mechanics, structural engineering, strength of materials, etc. they all pop out like eyesores. *guffaw*

and you wonder if i read them? that’s another story.

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