on romantic moments

Posted: August 6, 2006 in All and Sundry

LSS: “This Is Everything” by Tegan and Sarah
Mood: “a little liminal, sort of nostalgic, very frisky….”

Tegan and Sara

a guy friend and i just recently talked about doing things “romantic” to your loved one or ex-loved one and he mentioned that he used to write songs for his ex-girlfried and placed it in a letter box or something. (i don’t remember exactly. sorry i have bad memory). and i thought, he was such a nice guy to do that and that the girl was sooo lucky too. *swoon* but what kept me thinking during the entire conversation was that i have never been at the receiving end of “romantic” gestures like these. no guy has given me a bouquet of flowers, or chocolates, or dedicated songs for me or even wrote one among other “romantic” things guys are expected to do, risking shame, just to please you or make your heart skip a beat.

after the conversation, i kept thinking hard about the whole thing. somehow, even if you feign cynicism, you can’t help but still ponder about it and ask questions.

then, i realized that i did have my share of romantic moments but it was always with a guy who turned out to be gay or a guy whom i never hooked up with because it wasn’t the right time or he went to back with his girlfriend or worse, i was too dense to even realize the whole thing was romantic in the first place.

here’s a list of romantic (yuck) things guys and gays did for me (you figure if they are):

1. a guy gave me an island.

literally. *guffaw* it was around 3 o’clock in the morning, we were both inebriated, and so we decided to sit on the pavement facing a silent street somewhere in jones. we talked about the little prince and i was saying that “don’t you wish you’d have a planet of your own like the little prince? i do.” and he suddenly quips, “i can only give you an island. not a planet,” and grinned at me.

the island he was referring to was this narrow strip of land in the middle of the two-laned street in front of us. this island has trees lined on it. and he told me that if i ever i’d own this island, every morning he’d visit me and we’ll have breakfast at each end of the strip.

it was such “drunken talk,” my heart did NOT swell at that moment. i just went with the ride and we ended up coming up with really bizarre island stories about each other. laughing until we almost puked everything we drank that night.

two days after, he hooked up with his ex-girlfriend whom he wasn’t seeing while he was kinda meeting up with me. that was the end of our story.

2. a guy wrote a tagalog poem for me.

*yayks!* it was during a writers workshop, and this guy was following me everywhere i went. one night, we had a poetry reading and he read a poem he said he wrote for me. the poem used the metaphor of (guess what????) baseball! his stare being the ball he throws towards me and so on… basta.. it was all about wondering if i would catch his stare or something.

i was laughing silently while he was reading the poem with all the passion he could muster.
after the workshop, i found out from writer friends that he came out of the closet. finally.

and i was like, “what am i? a transition marker???” dammit.

3. a guy literally tried to win a cock fight for me *snicker*

this one is for the books. some guy i knew in high school was into betting in cockfights and he was also into grooming cocks. (i wonder why that sounds soooo malicious *grin*) and so one day before he went to the cockpit, he told me that he’s going to prove his love for me by winning.
of course, gamblers are such messy lover, they tend to risk every thing they have to prove a point.

anyway, he eventually lost coz his cock got screwed by another cock which was stronger. the chicken came home bleeding with him looking obviously devastated. i had to tell him it was okay even if his cock lost, i knew he loved me. (*guffaw*) and then dashed towards the exit.

that night, we all ended up having a drinking spree with friends and he was the butt of all jokes. i wanted to give him a hug but then again, i also lost a bet in billiards that day and was feeling a little annoyed. *soooo adolescent*

4. last but not the least, a guy kissed me in the middle of a street while it was raining.

i know, i know, it’s soooo like a scene from a romantic comedy but it did happen to me. the whole moment was perfect until i started shivering because of the cold and demanded to go home. after that…. oops, not gonna tell. this is such a long, long, long, story. if you ask me what happened after, i’d tell you to figure everything out. remember, all these moments didn’t end up happily or as planned. so i guess this one had a very sad ending….*roll eyeballs*

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