the thing with unsolicited attention is that

Posted: August 3, 2006 in Rants

…. it is unsolicited! therefore, it is NOT in any way, welcome. no sireee…

why is it that when women are friendly to men they are often misconstrued as flirting thus “open” to unsolicited attention? i don’t understand this. is it just their macho paradigms that prompts them to think that they can just prey on a woman the moment they get even a single teeny weeny friendly attention?

can’t we be just only friendly? can’t you even control your stubborn penises for just a minute and see us not as walking vaginas but as people who have brains too???

and what’s with married men giving single women unsolicited attention?

i don’t want to be righteous here. but if there’s a very clear line i draw in relationships (as far as my principles go), it’s the line i draw between me and a married man. and if there’s one thing i really, really, really, really, hate is a married man hitting on me. sorry, but i am not a whore, or somebody you can regale with wonderful married man stories so i could swoon in admiration. you know how smug married men are. they think they are soooo good they have to announce their virility each time they have a chance. there’s something lecherous about them that makes me wanna puke.

i can deal with dating a guy with a girlfriend but not a guy who’s married and has kids.

i won’t say never because that would be very righteous and hypocritical. i mean, who knows daniel day lewis would ask me out one of these days? *guffaw. but even if i stretch my moral boundaries some more, i can’t in all conscience LOVE a married man.

people who go out with married people have they’re own reasons. i don’t judge them. but what i do judge is a married man’s motive of telling me that he likes me because that, my friends, is truly suspicious and definitely unsolicited attention i really don’t appreciated.

how to ward these men away is another story… *ponder ponder ponder…

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