if the world is a stage…

Posted: July 30, 2006 in All and Sundry

if the world is really a stage as oscar wilde (am i right, douglas?) said, then my stage will be filled with so many endearing characters. the play will definitely be a talkie ala woody allen’s movies, full of witticisms and innuendos.

the first scene will be set in a beach resort in cangmating, sibulan, negros oriental, at lunch, with characters playing poker or discussing about art, waiting for godot, language, films and sex, oprah, dr. phil and marriage, over fried pusit, tinola, a huge bowl of rice and chicos.

the cast of characters:

charmaine, aka, bombee.
she’s definitely going to be a “bomb”. feisty woman this is and a shrewd poker player too.

the beach won’t me as much fun without her as we can talk about our endless obsessions with yoga, “claire, bikram yoga is good for you since you have back pains,” films we just watched, books (she’s a major fan of biographies of the rich and famous!haha. harrywinstonsdahling), traveling (she’s gone on a european tour and says paris is overrated), clothes and shoes (of course! she knows where to buy good finds and we happen to have the same shoe size. no wonder we’re friends) and last but not the least, music.

she’s so crazy for INXS that she’s dying to get front row complimentary seats for their upcoming concert in manila, by hook or by crook, just to (get this) pinch JD’s butt.

above all, she’s the most reasonable person i know and has the ability to pull me out of “anxiety” attacks and endless worrying. if she’s a character, she’s going to be an important foil or functions as the voice of reason.

next is eva. we stayed in her beach resort the last time i went home to dumaguete (and before i had my bedrest), where the pictures were taken, to attend paul’s performance art show and the premiere launching of eva’s international directorial stint.

she’s the best teacher i had. honestly. i was her student in speech and theater classes and those classes were the most unforgettable memories i had of college. there was no dull moment. we had such a blast.

i choose to remember her as a good actress. the last time i saw her act was when she played a japanese character in a play entitled “tea.” she had me at “hello.” i was crying the whole time.

of course, she’s such a funny, spritely woman and very sporty one at that. now, she lives sooooo far away from us. i bet university of hawaii is soo happy to have eva around teaching cebuano and literature. (methinks i wanna go there)

i let you in on a secret, we both share the same unending admiration with paul. sigh.

in my life, i only fell in love with two gay guys. a) one was ronald who was definitely very gay and is now a famous designer (taasag buhok uy) creatinge haute couture for the likes of tessa prieto. we ended up being very good friends. literally.

b) the second guy is paul. (see picture to your left)
hmm. i was young and a livewire and paul was my art teacher. go figure. of course, i knew he was gay from the very beginning but he was soooo gorgeous i couldn’t help it. hehe. till now, i still make mock swoons when he visits from new york. we often kid him about being very popular now and always “flying by the seat of his pants” since he has so many exhibits lined up around the world. but with all honesty, this guy was and is my first mentor, and guru. after that, i never searched for anyone else even if they applied. *snicker* (will write a short essay on his video art soon). i just wonder why he gives me academic books and high-brow intellectual dvds every time he visits. ponder ponder. hey, thanks for leaving your led zepelling shirt with me and of course, the belt. i loved it.

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