Because of sciatica I can no longer…

Posted: July 30, 2006 in Musings

do this in a heartbeat…

i have to think of my spine and how they’re aligned to make even simple poses like this less harmful to my spine. grrrrreat.

good thing i discovered there’s a book on yoga and sciatica written by a neurologist who has a herniated disc like i do and has scoliosis too. she also suffers from sciatica but rarely since she was able to discover certain asanas that are beneficial to her spine and the surround muscles in the lumbar area. thank god for internet, i get to correspond with her.

so who says my life stops here?

  1. Dencio says:

    Knowing you Claire, with our short stint in Pagadian, that is not really a question. You will not and will never lose a life. Why? You create life dear.

  2. reefer says:

    haha. really now? hahaha. should that flatter me?
    according to benat, i am a “heartcase” or maybe, a “hard case.” which is which?

  3. sam says:

    Hope this works really well for you kitty. Meow…

  4. edgar despuig says:

    dear claire.

    I have been browsing the internet for alternative cure to my daughter’s scoliosis. me ang wife had agreed that surgery (if it comes to that) will be our last recourse, after exhausting all alternative course. May i know what book you have mentioned and where to buy it? My daughter has recently been diagnosed with scoliosis. She is 16 years old and a very bright students. She will start her study in UP this year, being the only student from her scholl to pass entrance exam in UP, we were so excited and looking forward to her bright future, til it was dampened by discovery of her condition. PPlease mail me at and Any help and recommendation will be apprciated as debt for life,, thank you so much.

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