dumaguete moments (sigh. it wasn’t that bad after all)

Posted: July 25, 2006 in Uncategorized

you see, i made sure i had enough FUN in dumaguete before i relented to my doctor’s pleas to get a bedrest. it’s amazing how i managed to endure the severe back pain while spending time with friends at hayahay cafe, a resto cum bar by the beach (very tropical), listening to kakai sing jazz tunes mixed with bisaya reggae flavah… (she’s soooo adorable. reminds me of billie holiday/ella/basia/jackie magno/with a tinge of 90s angsty vibe)

sining bisayas (art of the visayas) had an impromptu reunion in hayahay. i had so much fun talking about art and memories of past exhibits with my artist friends jutsze, dyutay, mark, paul, dahon, micky, among others. justze almost made me cry when he told me people miss me and i was like: “really, i honestly don’t think people in dumaguete miss me.” and he said it’s because i wasn’t thinking of the right people. *sigh* anyway, he told me that every time they’d gather and happen to talk about me, they’d always have this image in mind: me wearing really skimpy red hot pants. weird.

of course, bombee (my bestest friend in years who’s a deadringer for mylene dizon) was with us too. “claire, i pinched so many butts tonight!”she would say with a grin. we went around, me limping and all, to say hi to friends and…. strangers whom we decided to take pictures with.

and i finally got to see quddos! after ten years! and when i approached him to give him a hug, he suddenly grinned, hugged me tight and said: “you’re my first KISS!” to which i replied, “really?’ he added, “yes, and my LAST coz after that i sort of came out.” darn it. he’s such a cute gay guy.

after this night, i suddenly decided to let go. rest. stayed in bed with enough memories to live with for a week and dealt with the consequences of gallivanting even with a bad back. *sigh* that’s living life.


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