hackers day

Posted: June 28, 2006 in Uncategorized

sigh. it was such a long long long day for me.

i awoke to a sms informing me that our site is gone, can’t be accessed, hacked. and i tell you this is not funny since i spent the night watching the entire season of project runway (in dvds) with my sisters and johnnyboy (sooo gay and sooo much fun watching designers strut their stuff). so i slept late, that’s what i meant and was awakened by very stressfull news at fucking seven o’clock in the morning (which is still early for me, dammit). and so upon reading the news, i groggily drank my coffee, changed, and left for school where i could access the damn internet.

and voila, there it is, this stupid kitschy vandal of a supposed communist image. whatever. the hammer and sickle was pushing it too far, mehn. first, i guffawed at the idea if being hacked by people who can only come up with really lame vandals but then i started to have anxiety attacks because i didn’t want to be confronted with that kind of problem today, when i have to teach students how to write a novella and a fucking essay. i needed to prepare but couldn’t because my mind was so engrossed with how the problem should be solved. argh!

i mean the whole ICT thing is difficult but then, writing a good literary essay and a novella is equally difficult. it is also more difficult to teach these art forms to college students. so you can understand my predicament. i had to keep my mind on the job of teaching while at back of my mind, i’m worrying about the website.

but thank god, there are angels. at least i think they are. the malaysiakini team was very helpful and very good at solving problems like those so i just decided to sit back and wait for them to solve everything. that’s why they’re called experts. yes, i know it is good to take the path of least resistance. ohm shanti.

cable guy! i owe you a lot. and big thanks to you... (wink). you know who you are….(hugs)

  1. Cable Guy says:

    you’re welcome 🙂

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