Goodbye Picasso, Hello Klimt!

Posted: June 19, 2006 in Uncategorized

GOT THIS SMS last night from JohnnyBoy:
“Move over Picasso, a Gustav Klimt is now the most expensive painting on the planet!”

I almost choked over my lasagna when I read his message. Aside from the fact that it sounded so “gay” and I can imagine John waving his arms up his head like a torch singer, the news came as surprise. It is the kind of news you’re not expecting to receive while trying to gorge yourself with “sinful” food (read: lasagna, roasted chicken, biscotti drenched in chocolate ice cream and glasses of red wine) in a birthday party you were just dragged (literally) to attend but you did anyway because you felt the need to feel good about yourself and the best way to do that, as far as you know, is to do “emotional eating.”

But then again, let me satisfy my “petit bourgouise” taste. (Yes Myfel, I am not afraid to admit that I am burgis and an unabashed consumer of capitalism.) Call me frivolous but I do get the kicks out of knowing that a Klimt is the most expensive painting in the world. Yes, I am a fan of Picasso precisely because of the Guernica. But I am more of a big fan of Klimt and would place him alongside Chagall, Magritte, and Dali–my three favorite male artists.

The picture above is Klimt’s “The Kiss” which is a popular painting by the artist and is still one of my favorites for reasons I can’t talk about right now since it would require me to sound academic and would defeat my purpose of blogging my mundane thoughts. But one reason I could cite would be that this painting is paradoxical in that there is still a sense of control in passion. I call it “studied” passion. The kiss being supposedly passionate turns out to be “studied,” controlled, a calculated move that defaces its perceived spontaneity.

Having said that, I just realized that I badly need a kiss. Not a peck on the cheek, not a soft brush on the lips, a real kiss! If you don’t know what a real kiss for me is, there’s only one way to find out. (*wink*)

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