Oh where oh where is my country going?

Posted: June 17, 2006 in Uncategorized

THIS REPORT from the Philippine Daily Inquirer online version published yesterday gave me goosebumps: Arroyo orders Reds crushed in 2 years (P1B to AFP, PNP kicks off all-out war vs NPA).

Not a smart move by the President. Really not smart. It made me want to just scream at her. Can’t you see? We don’t need this! I really can’t stand it when government spends money on artillery, on beefing up the fucking military.

Yesterday, when we were having our regular meeting at MindaNews, Walter received a text message about conflict brewing in Bukidnon. Someone mentioned that it was perhaps a reaction to the our President’s recent declaration. I am deeply disappointed by how everything is turning out to be under this administration. One of MindaNews’s reporters was accused of being a communist just because she wrote articles that somehow questioned or explored government’s inadequacies.

This is going to be trying times for some friends up there. And even for journalists. Shudder. I dread the moment when even writing an article criticizing the government would be construed as a “communist” stance. I dread it because it reminds me of my mother’s stories of Martial rule in this country, stories of repression, of subjugation, of fear. Nobody wants that. Not even those who think that rallyists are noisy people who can’t stop finding for faults to scream about. This is just plain stupidity.

I dread the all-out war against the NPA because this means there will be more people forced to flee their homes just like what happened during the all-out war in 2000 in Mindanao. This is something very inconceivable but yet, it is happening.

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