the perils of virtual conversations

Posted: May 28, 2006 in Uncategorized

chatting over the internet is the weirdest form of communication and most recently the most widely researched and written about by scholars especially communication theorists nowadays. but i still can’t figure out how people can forge good communication using this particular medium.

it’s like sending text messages to people you don’t see face to face. most of the time, you have to get pass the language register problems, nuances, and imagine how the text message was sent–in what tone for instance. emoticons don’t help really. it just makes you feel as though you’re there in the present conversation but at the same you are fully aware that you’re not.

for instance, how do you respond to the question: “are you okay?”

for cross-cultural communication, this phrase can mean a lot of things. it can be perceived as a rhetorical question. or it can be interpreted something that refers to incredulity. or it can mean that the person asking it is wondering how you’ve been.. and so on.

sigh… i think like all conversations, virtual conversations take effort, a whole a lot of effort to figure out. words are important. words are dangerous too. especially if taken in the wrong context.

take for instance, how would you respond to somebody who tells you this in a virtual conversation: “you can’t expect me to send you long messages all the time., my dear.”

for some people, it can sound very sarcastic especially for filipinas like me. for some it can even be rude. for some it can mean nothing.

haaay. too much of everything is going on. in texting, we usually get into fights because we misunderstand what was sent to us. this is also the case with chatting over the internet.

perhaps, communications like this are just meant for certain people– those who aren’t really concerned much about the importance of words, about being impeccable with words. but then again, i am giving a value judgement to this behavior…

i will stop thinking too much now. but for your comments, feel free to enlighten me on this matter. *wink*

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