musical me

Posted: May 24, 2006 in Uncategorized

so i’m feeling musical. im stuck in the office facing the damn computer when i’d rather go home watch miranda july’s “me and you and everyone we know” over and over until i’ll grow tired of feeling romantic. then i’ll watch “before sunset” and catch the love bug, which i hope i haven’t got these days… it’s so stressful to be caught in highly intense states. *shudder* i’d rather be catatonic.

got this off meshuggah’s blog:
1. put your music player on shuffle.

2. press forward for each question.
3. use the song title as the answer to the question, and no cheating either

how are you feeling tonight?
glory box – portishead
(“I’m so tired, of playing/Playing with this bow and arrow/Gonna give my heart away/Leave it to the other girls to play/For I’ve been a temptress too long/Just. ./Give me a reason to love you/Give me a reason to be, a woman…”)

will you get far in life?
thank you india -alanis morisette
(something to do with karmic forces)

how do your friends see you?
hmm.. tough.. i’d like to think it’s…
androgyny- garbage ( yeah)

will you get married?
you oughta know- alanis morisette
(“i want you to know. that i’m happy for you. i want nothing but the best for you both.”)

what is your best friends’ theme song?
circle of friends -eddie brikell
(cool best friends i have)

what is the story of your life?
oh c’mon!
where have all the cowboys gone- paula cole
all songs by joni mitchell

you live you learn- alanis morisette (go figure!)

to be continued…

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