Happy Anniversary MindaNews!

Posted: May 24, 2006 in Uncategorized

MindaNews is already FIVE years old!

Despite all the financial troubles (which is very common among independent “indie” media organizations), bickerings (among ourselves), criticisms, comings and goings and one DEATH, we are still here.

Some men have gone. Most women stayed.

It is interesting to note this little unobtrusive yet often taken for granted detail– MindaNews is ran by mostly women. Carol, our chair and editor in chief is a woman– a very strong, feisty and intelligent one at that. Duday, our finance manager is a woman. Another feisty female who was able to turn us around—as in, turnaround in business terms and kept as afloat after a year of floundering and treading in unknown waters and strong currents. Hats off to her and a really nice dainty curtsy. (Duds, I would have done an arabesque but can no longer do that..)

Most of the writers, Penny, Malou, Charina (our lawyer) and others who have always been around and stuck with us through thick and thin are women who are capable of a lot of great things. One is an anthropologist/ business woman/trainor. Another is a journalist/lawyer/feminist activist. And the list goes on.

If I said the men left, I meant literally “left” us. Yes, some left because they had to find greener pastures. I tell you, it doesn’t pay much to work for an alternative media organization like MindaNews. Sometimes, work is even voluntary. But the karmic rewards are unquantifiable. That is, if you believe in the mission, in the cause. Some good men left–one techie guy who we depended on for all the techie stuff in the office– mainly because there were differences in opinion, in personalities. But they are still around in the fringes; willing to help every time we holler.

And one actually DIED. It wasn’t his choice to leave. But he left anyway. I guess, it was what the universe wanted. But for all the injustices in this world, Boyd’s death is something very incomprehensibly unjustifiable. He was one of those guys in the office we could rely on for a lot of things– from computers, food, photography, to just plain companionship and laughter.

But there are still men around. Some are in other places. Correspondents like Froilan in Cagayan (it’s just a 7 hour ride people!), Bong S and Bong G from GenSan, there are those in Zamboanga like cutey Charlie, and others too many to mention. In the office, there are 4 regular guys– Jocan (anthropologist/reporter/general manager), Roxan (the “go to messenger” guy), Walter (the ex business manager/reporter) and Skippy (the uploader/photojournalist). They are all capable of great things too. And if there is one thing we men and women here have in common– it is that we have bleeding hearts. We believe in good reporting. We believe in what we do.

We are all slashers and “cummers.” We champion the multi-tasking business. (LOL)

And then, there’s me. Androgynous me. (hehe) Neither male or female but if forced to decide, female nonetheless. I’m just another slasher who went looking for a cause 3 years ago, sailed from the Visayas to Mindanao, and found a place in Davao City, in this organization where I can say my bleeding heart can wallow. Tough luck.

Needless to say, I consider myself lucky to be here to have loved, cried, shouted, screamed, laughed with these bunch of like-minded people.

Happy Anniversary MindaNews!

(note: we did not intend that the website will be gone for a few hours on our anniversary. this happened because we transferred our domain to another server. rest assured, we will be borne again soon. *grin*)

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  2. Waltzib says:

    Claire, nice for you to post this gud!

    Congrats diay for the new website.

    And also for this cool blog site.

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