thanks myke

Posted: May 23, 2006 in Uncategorized

today is the day that i’m personally proud to have friends like myke obenieta who can come up with such poignant words in a writers’ conference. this morning, i read his blog where he posted the speech he read at this year’s iligan writers’ conference and it gave me goosebumps. myke, you are amazing. from allusions to the world classics like prometheus to nora aunor, your speech was a treasure trove of sensibilities–from pop culture, classical, to everything in between–somethings that writers should have in order to make sense of it all– writing i mean.

i felt a little nostalgic and started recalling those nights we had arguing and discussing everything from politics, media, literature to nora aunor’s doll over bottles of san miguel and red horse beer. you have made even a cynical writer like me whose belief in the literary is slowly fading away, feel more alive and proud of being a writer. muchas gracias.

view myke’s speech “writing in time passing” here.

  1. Thanks, Clara! A toast to you, too!

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