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Posted: May 10, 2006 in Uncategorized

the asia347.tv site is sooo cool. i just saw the daily newscast(i dunno how it’s called) asia0900 last night. i found the podcast impressive considering that the site is new. not that my opinion counts anyway. (it just happens that i know the people behind this really ambitious project. and i’m very interested in how this evolves. mind you, some great missions start really small.)

anyway, i just want to drop a few thoughts:

i realized that there are several possibilities for media organizations to get information across and podcasting is one example.

for us in mindanao and particularly mindanews, this year will be a busy one especially since the peace agreement is nearing. with this comes also the duty to disseminate information the most accurate and responsible way. how to cover the peace process? how to inform the public (local and international) regarding the developments on the peace process? of course we have plotted out so many things, and sometimes traditional forms of media is still key in ensuring information is disseminated well. but then again, there is always room for other options.

i have never been a techie geek, especially a computer geek, and never will be i guess. i have a really short attention span and playing with gadgets require long patience and a love for tinkering with things. i don’t also like reading manuals. for the life of me, i can’t follow instructions very well. but i love creating things with my hands. yet that’s another subject.

but judging from the way technology is going nowadays, i think non-techie-geek journalists like me should also figure out how to position themselves in this evolving landscape. it is interesting that information can be spread to so many people through the worldwide web these days in such a short time.

the world is changing. and we have to keep up with it.

  1. JerryWho says:

    dear, it’s asia247.

    347 is definitely not us.


  2. reefer says:

    hehe. sorry typo error. hmp. so sensitive.

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