Posted: June 4, 2005 in Uncategorized

LSS: “Original Sigbin” by Jr. Kilat (after-effect sa concert)
Mood: feeling purple. in liminal stage,most liminal in fact, just finding myself nowhere and everywhere… god forbid i’d be the first case of human combustion, or i’ll melt in my sleep….

Twists and turns.

A good friend once told me that the world was made round for us to keep on twisting and turning in order to be able to navigate it. (This is a bad paraphrase of that wisdom-clad saying, but I guess it will do.) Because if it were square with sharp corners, it would have been easier for us to move around. My friend mentioned this in relation to or as a metaphor for “life”—a topic we are very preoccupied with lately. It was very well said that I almost cried when I read it. The tears from my eyes were prematurely prevented from streaming down my cheeks by my external reality:

I was in an internet cafe then, and it would be very humiliating for me to just show my emotional dimension to strangers who find the internet a feasible world to forget their present realities and lose themselves in the tirvialities of cyber-chatting.
Anyhow, my friend’s saying really touched me.

So I began to analyze my life using this perspective and discovered that there were indeed several twists and turns that I made. They vary from big life altering ones, to small inconspicous twists that I might have taken for granted. And somehow, I began to understand some things that I considered rather complex but which became clearer and simpler after sveral ruminations. In other words, I pondered the imponderables. Having done so, I have become more in touch with myself and the worlds within my consciousness.

And if that’s what makes me more fullfilled at the moment, then I’ll let myself BE.

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